Alperia CSR Report 2020

We work every day to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and smarter territory, where clean energy is accessible to everyone.

OUR 2020

Environmental protection

We are at the forefront of the energy transition towards clean forms of energy and sustainable consumption patterns.

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    95%net energy produced from renewable sources
  • more than 126 million euro invested in infrastructure
  • 72% underground power distribution lines
  • 58% orders to local companies

Our customers

We strive to be closer to our customers in a serious, reliable, and transparent way by building a relationship of trust.

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  • 340,844 total customers
  • +5% new customers acquired in 2020
  • 30%electronic bills
  • 99.3%complaints resolved within 30 days

Our team

Our people are our most valuable resource, their enhancement determines the success of the Group.

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  • 1,087employees
  • 19.6average hours of training per employee
  • 18%female presence in middle management
  • 8.13accident frequency index
    (per 1,000,000 h)


Recognizing that energy can play an essential role in meeting new global challenges, we have earmarked 80% of our investments over the next five years for projects that contribute to at least 10 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Strategy & Governance

The new "One Vision" strategic plan stems from the Group's desire to adopt an integrated vision that combines sustainability objectives with economic growth.

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